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About Our Classes

Special Announcement: 
Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, we will be finishing the Winter 2020 session online.

The conversation group has also gone online!

Spring/Summer 2020 classes now posted!  We will begin the session online and hopefully resume in-person classes over the course of the session.  Summer classes will be posted at a later time, but will take place concurrently with the end of Spring classes.  Summer classes will be 6 weeks, twice a week, beginning in July.

Classes are held at Academie Lafayette's "Oak" campus :

6903 Oak St.
Kansas City, MO 64113

French classes at the Alliance Française are for people who want to improve their ability to understand and communicate in French, in a variety of situations. Whether you've studied French in high school or college and want to brush up and expand on your skills, or have never taken a French class in your life, but are eager to learn, we strive to offer French classes that fit your needs.

AFKC classes feature small groups with experienced, fluent teachers. Your class will be held in a friendly, intimate setting with five to twelve students per class.

Classes are 12 weeks long and meet once a week in the evenings. Summer classes are 6 weeks and twice a week. Enrollment for our Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer classes occurs around one month before classes begin. You are welcome to register late, but understand that classes progress weekly.  Sign up at least two weeks in advance to receive our "Early-Bird DIscount."

Need additional help or information?  E-mail the Language Center Coordinator, Jessica Wallace, at jwallace@afkc.org

School Calendar
Fall Classes: September to December
Winter Classes: January to April
Spring/Summer Classes:  May to August
Summer Classes*:  July to August
       *Summer Classes are twice a week

Private Tutoring

French à la Carte

Class Placement

Not a beginner and not sure of your level?

Join AFKC to attend our Monday evening conversation meet-ups, the teacher will assess your level and advise on class level. 

Placement Guide and Free Online Test

You may also contact the Jessica Wallace at jwallace@afkc.org to help determine your level and the appropriate class. 

Class too easy or hard? You can always switch levels once class has started.

PLEASE NOTE: AFKC MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES. For your convenience and for quick registration, there is a payment option when signing up for classes to pay for both the class and an individual membership (an additional $40).  There are other options for membership, check them out here!

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