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Free Placement Exam

The key to mastering a new language and having a wonderful learning experience is starting with a class that is right for you!

Take our quick and easy online Placement Test or e-mail jwallace@afkc.org to help determine which class is most appropriate. Complete Beginners may skip the test and directly sign up for French 101 level class.

Follow the instructions below and take the Placement Test today!

Online Test for Adults (ages 18+) / Teens (ages 15–17)  Email us the results of your test by selecting Missouri as the state of your choice and then select the Alliance Française de Kansas City.

Print Version for Adults (ages 18+) / Teens (ages 15–17)

Class Registration

Notez Bien: It is not required to take the placement exam and you may register for any class anytime during the registration period.  If you find that the level isn't right for you, can easily switch you to a different class level if needed.

*Register for a class 2 weeks or more before the start of class to receive the "early bird" 10% discount.  

**Members receive an additional 5% discount. Click here to become a member.  

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