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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where are classes held?
Classes are currently held at Académie Lafayette Charter School's "Oak Campus" at 6903 Oak St., Kansas City, MO 64113

2) When are classes held?
For the fall, winter, and spring sessions classes are held once a week from 6-8pm, Monday – Thursday.  Summer session classes are twice a week, from 6-8pm.

3) How long does a session last?
Fall, winter, and spring sessions last 12 weeks and meet once a week for 2 hours. For the Summer Session, we will either hold a condensed 6-week session, two two-hour classes a week, or a specialized class that focuses on aspects of Francophone culture or travel. More details about our Summer Session will be sent out this year. For the latest updates, become a member or join our email list!

4) How much do classes cost?
The price list varies. The early bird 10% discount deadline is around 2 weeks before the start of each session. AFKC members receive an additional 5% off when they register early.

Early Bird Non-Member Price - $210.0
Early Bird Member Price - $180.00
Non-Member Price - $230.00
Member Price - $200.00

5) How do I become a member of the AFKC and receive the special class price for members?
Click here for membership details. Start your registration and then pay online or by snail mail with a check. Membership prices vary and are listed on the webpage. Once you have become a member you are eligible for the special AFKC member price when you enroll in classes.

6) What textbook is used and how can I get one?
The AFKC uses Latitudes 1 (for 101-103), Latitudes 2 (for 201-203), Latitudes 3 (for 301/302) and ECHOB2 (for 303/304). Please see class details for ISBN, students must purchase their books on their own, which are available on Amazon.com.

7) How is my class level determined?
If you have no background in French, then you should enroll in French 101. If you have taken any French in the past and you're not sure what level you should enroll in, contact the learning center coordinator at school@afkc.org.  A placement exam is not required.

8) What if I am in the wrong class level?
If you feel you have been placed in or have selected the incorrect class level please talk to your teacher and contact school@afkc.org. The AFKC’s School Coordinator will work with you to get you into the class that is best for you.

9) What if my level is not offered due to low enrollment?
A class level must be canceled because the minimum number of students (4) is not met. When this happens, you may choose to try another class level or to receive a full refund.

10) Who will my teacher be?
The AFKC employs native or near-native level speakers of French with a strong teaching background. You will find out who your teacher will be about a week before the start of a session. We believe that students benefit from diverse viewpoints, teaching methods, and language backgrounds so you might not always have the same teacher as you continue with AFKC classes. Rest assured – you will have quality instruction at every level!

11) What is your refund policy?
Please visit our refund policy page for information

12) Whom do I contact if I other questions about AFKC French classes?
Contact the AFKC School Coordinator.

We hope to see you at the next class session!

*Register for a class 2 weeks or more before the start of class to receive the "early bird" 10% discount.  

**Members receive an additional 5% discount of  the early bird discount. Click here to become a member.  

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